Contact Cache

Your personal contact manager, reinvented.


Your new contact manager is centered around people. It helps you to remember many things about them, like favourite memories, gift ideas or what your friends like and what they don't.


Store and manage any kind of contact you want, from phone numbers to crypto addresses. Save notes from 1:1 meetings, track business prospects or anything else. Contact Cache has you covered.


Designed with security and privacy from the start. No need to trust anyone to keep your data safe, because everything is encrypted. And only you know the password.

The story

I have a bad memory for names. And for people in general. I don't remember faces and I don't remember what things we've discussed yesterday.

However, I want to remember. I want to remember as much as I can. I believe that the better we know our family, friends and colleagues, the better relationships we can have. I believe that it would help everyone if we try to be a bit more mindful about people around us.

That's why I started to work on Contact Cache, a personal contact manager that should be more than just a collection of phone numbers. I want to build an application that will be our true companion in life and help us with our personal interactions and relationships.

With many apps of today, we have to sacrifice privacy on the internet and in our lifes in general. But I believe that data about people in our lives and all their contact information should be private. That's why Contact Cache will store everything completely encrypted from day one.

It is my personal quest to be more mindful about people and to help other people do the same, without compromising our privacy. I sincerely hope that Contact Cache will change our lives for the better. I know that keeping notes is not everything, but hey – it helps.

Petr Stribny, founder

Coming soon.