Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Contact Cache?

Contact Cache is a mix of a contact manager and a personal relationship manager. It helps you to keep all relevant information about people around you in one secure place.

Is Contact Cache free to use?

Contact Cache is currently free of charge while it is in Beta. We will most probably offer affordable paid plans and a limited free plan in the future. This is because Contact Cache will not be financed through ads.

Who can read my data?

In short, everything that you enter into the application is encrypted with your password, except for your username and email address. This means that nobody can read any of your data without knowing your password. To learn more about privacy and security, see our Security & Privacy page.

Can I use Contact Cache on a mobile phone?

The application works in mobile browsers like Firefox and we are working on improving the experience there.

I forgot my password. What can I do?

If you lost or forgotten your password, there is unfortunately nothing we can do about it. All your data is encrypted with your password and we don't have any access to it. Your data cannot be recovered.

On the positive side, we won't delete your data. If you recall what your password is, just log in again and continue using the app. Also, make sure that you remember it next time.

Is Contact Cache open source?

Contact Cache is currently not open-source software. We are looking into possible ways to make Contact Cache more open and transparent.

Something doesn't work. What now?

Write to our support email, describe your problem and let the rest on us!