Contact Cache is a people-centric application that allows you to manage your list of people and a lot of information about them.

Adding people

To add people, you can choose to Import them from another system or add them manually. You can add a new person by clicking on the +1 button in the top menu.

Browsing & searching for people

You can browse your list of people on the People page and search for people by their name in the top search bar.

Person details

For every person you can store various important details. Currently it is possible to store:

  • - title
  • - name
  • - additional name
  • - surname
  • - name suffix
  • - nickname
  • - birthday
  • - company
  • - company position

You will see these data on Person’s About page and you can edit them by simply clicking on them.

Editing basic Person's data


Summary is a text that you can store for a person that summarizes the person in a few sentences. You can include any information you like in the summary and this information will be displayed right on the Person’s About page. To set or edit a summary, go to Edit page.

Edit summary

Summary is shown on the Person's About page


Circles provide you with a way to organize people into some main categories such as “family”, “close friends”, “high school” and the like.

Managing circles

Circles can be created, renamed or deleted in Settings > Circles. Click on the name of the circle to edit it.

Circles screen

Assigning a person to a circle

On a person’s About page you will find all circles already assigned to the person, together with a button called Assign circles. This button will allow you to add the person to a specific circle, remove the person from a circle or create a new circle and add the person there at the same time.

About person screen with circles

Browsing and searching for people based on circles

When you browse people on People page or search for a person, you can filter people based on the circles that they are in.

When you select more than one circle, it will show you people that are at least in one of the selected circles.

Filtering people by circle

Contacts and Notes

Two major things that you can store and track in Contact Cache for a person are Contacts and Notes, described on their on pages.


This section of the Person profile is dedicated to physical addresses.

You can store more addresses for a person, described by their name and you can also mark some of the addresses as primary.

Person's addresses