Terms of Service

This Terms of Service covers the Terms of Service of the Contact Cache website contactcache.com (referred to as the website) as well as Contact Cache application app.contactcache.com (referred to as the application). Contact Cache refers to both the website and the application.

What is Contact Cache?

Contact Cache application is a private and personal contact management application extended to serve also as a personal relationship manager. With Contact Cache, you can:

Who we are

Contact Cache was created by and it is operated by Petr Stříbný, a citizen of the Czech republic and Germany (referred to as “we” in this document and on the website). There is currently no legal business entity behind Contact Cache. Contact Cache will be incorporated in the future when we will start offering paid plans.

If you need to contact us in regard to the Privacy Policy, Terms of Service or in any other regard, use this email address: support@contactcache.com.

Technical requirements

Contact Cache is intended to be used in modern Internet browsers. We will try to make the application work well in the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome on both desktop and mobile devices. We cannot make any guarantees at the moment that it will work in your browser or on your device. Contact Cache will also be offered as a desktop application on selected platforms.

If you want to use Contact Cache and it currently doesn’t work on your device, please let us know at support@contactcache.com.


To use the application, you have to create an account with a valid email address, agree with this Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy.

You must not use Contact Cache for any illegal activities according to the law in the Czech republic and Germany.

With your account you have the right to use the application in a standard way, without trying to circumvent the standard behaviour of the application.

You can use the application for both personal and commercial purposes.


Contact Cache is currently offered free of charge.


We will do our best to provide you with a great service and to keep your data safe. However, we cannot currently make any guarantees about Contact Cache and its availability. We might even stop offering Contact Cache at any time and we are not responsible for any data lost.

Note that you can always export your data in various formats, see Import & Export page. We will also try to provide you with your encrypted data in case we decide to close the service.

Termination and cancellation

We reserve the right to cancel your account if you act against this Terms of Service.

Changes to this Terms of Service

This Terms of Service are effective from 1.1.2019.