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Have you ever lent a book to someone and forgot to whom? Or organized a dinner party but couldn't remember friends' food allergies and preferences?
Did you want to note down some special moments and memories with someone, without sharing it with the world?
Did you need to keep some notes about people from your professional circles without using a specialized CRM tool?
Did you just use Facebook for all communication in the last 5 years and wonder what would you do if you or people around you stopped using it?
Have you ever feared that someone will read your private things that are stored on the internet?

Contact Cache is here for you

It is a new contact manager that allows you to store more than just contact information, turning it into a powerful personal relationship manager.

It runs in your browser and also on your phone. No install necessary.

Contact Cache example screenshot
“Good relationships keep us happier and healthier.”
- Robert Waldinger, director of the longest study on adult life and happiness at Harvard

What will you be able to do?

Keep notes about people

Gift ideas


Favourite foods, bands or teams

Gifts that you have received

Last conversation topics

Important dates and anniversaries

Favourite stories

Borrowing & lending items and money


Format notes with Markdown

Use Markdown to format your notes with headings, lists and tables. Or keep it simple with plaintext.

Organize people into circles

Organize people into groups such as family and classmates for easy access.

Store contact information

So that you can stay in contact in the post-Facebook era.

Use the app offline

Traveling to a remote location without Internet? We have you covered.

Import your existing contacts

Get a head start and import what you already have.

Export all your data any time

Your data stays yours.

Privacy first

Nobody can read your data

Your data are encrypted on the device before they are sent to the server.

No data collection for analytics or ads

No third party analytics scripts are used in the application. No ads are shown. No data is collected for marketing purposes when you use the app.

No IP address collection

We don't associate IP addresses with application accounts and we don't keep IP addresses for more than 7 days on the server.

Is Contact Cache for me?

I want to be a better friend, colleague or partner by remembering what is important.

I want to stay in touch with people I care about by keeping various types of contact information.
I want my data to be for my eyes only.

We are just starting

We want to share our progress and get early feedback and that's why you can use Contact Cache today. Please understand that not everything is perfect yet, but we are continuously trying to make it better.

These are some of the things we are working on right now:

Improved mobile experience

Tags for notes

Profile pictures

You can follow the development with our newsletter or on our twitter @ContactCache.


See the FAQ and Help center.